Saturday, March 8, 2014

Got Wine Corks??

I Do

So what do you do with a jillion wine corks?  Filling a beautiful Koa Wood bowl was pretty cool, that is until Alfreddo (my chihuahua fur baby) discovered how fun they are to DESTROY!! 
For Shame!!

These are precious right? I mean every single bottle has a memory: who I indulged with, where I purchased the bottle, was it expensive, was it a signed bottle?  
Sounds dreamy, 
Oh who am I kidding, 
I don't really have any attachment other than my own tendency to HOARD such items in the hopes of figuring out how I can put them to good use.

Same goes for this Frame that I had been hanging on to.  In it's previous life it was a dark wood frame designed by Kincaid to hold his yearly frame.  Can you say SPRAY PAINT?? WOO HOO gets me excited just thinking about what I shall paint next.

Don't think for even one second this puzzle didn't take HOURS!!
Thank God for Adderall when it comes to sitting for hours at a time configuring wine corks into a magnificent array of patterns based on size and what fits where.  
 Did I know this little tidbit starting out, umm NO so now I just sit and wait for the next one to pop out of its place so I can stash it for several months before I get the super industrious idea to walk a few feet out into the garage and locate my husbands 

Antique Buttons meet plain thumb tacks but be warned they are pretty much just for looks since they too fall apart when used

here is the Finished Product of  finding a use for my ever growing collection of 
Wine Corks
Thank you 
for the Inspiration




Kori Meyer said...

Looks great Justine! I, too, have been saving all of those corks thinking about what I shall do with them - cork board? Frame? Or??? So many ideas and haven't even begun to start on any of them...LOL

Aixa Olivera said...

Looks great. Very practical.

Aixa Olivera said...

Looks great. Very practical.

Stef H said...

fun and fabulous. one of the groups i belong to is doing a WINE CORK ALTERATION. some are absolute beauties with beads and lace. i wish i could download a picture here for you!

hope all else is good. we still have snow. ugh.

hugs :)

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